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West Philadelphia

I’ve been living in Philadelphia for almost three years now, and it’s the first place I’ve lived, post-college, that really feels like home. That’s due, in large part, to the fact that I live in West Philadelphia, in the neighborhood … Continue reading

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John Banville and I aren’t reading the Same Wodehouse Novels

John Banville’s introduction to the NYRB Classics edition of The Old Devils is underwhelming. It is basically just an overview of the novel’s general plot, with an obligatory nod to the amount Kingsley Amis could drink. (It was a lot.) Banville front-loads a minuscule amount … Continue reading

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SEPTA Needs Money: Here’s How To Get Some

My latest for Next American City, on how to get more funding to the Delaware Valley’s struggling transit system: What is needed, quite simply, is more money. Unlike many other transit authorities, SEPTA relies largely on federal and state funding, while … Continue reading

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The rest of the story: Caring (poorly) for the elderly poor

My story in today’s Philadelphia City Paper, co-written with Samantha Melamed, didn’t end with wage theft issues. After looking over my initial draft, Samantha dug into the Philadelphia Municipal Court Dockets. There you find that Wakeeta Rowe has more than twenty cases filed against her … Continue reading

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Wage theft and lack of accountability in Philadelphia charter schools

My latest article for the Philadelphia City Paper, co-written with news editor Samantha Melamed, has its origins in the research for my cover story about wage theft back in August. A friend put me in touch with Addison Vawters, a young … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning is not Daniel Ellsberg

In my piece for Waging Nonviolence last week, I argued that activists fighting on Bradley Manning’s behalf will need to emphasize the government’s heavy-handed reaction (he was basically tortured) to his alleged crimes to win support in the media and the wider public. They … Continue reading

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In Paul Ryan’s America, You Are on Your Own

While taking the Broad Street Line to work this morning I saw an advertisement for SNAP (what used to be called food stamps), which read something like “You Don’t Have To Choose between Heating and Eating.” It reminded me of a man I talked … Continue reading

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Labor Day (and a note on recent postings)

I crawled out of bed this rainy Monday morning sincerely not wanting to attend the Labor Day march down Columbus Boulevard, next to the Delaware River. It looked dreary and damp, and as though the heavens might open up at any time and … Continue reading

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