Men don’t know anything about their sexual health

My first article for Slate, on the need for men’s annual sexual health exams, and the gender imbalance of reproductive health care. With no male equivalent of regular gynecologist visits, women are left to shoulder the burdens of sexual health care.

Tests for STDs “are not generally a part of a man’s physical checkup unless the doctor picks up signs or symptoms,” says Jean Bonhomme, president of National Black Men’s Health Network. He noted that getting men, particularly the young, to go to the doctor at all, for anything, is a feat roughly equivalent to wrestling an alligator. “I’m not sure men are being regularly tested for a doggone thing.”

And it doesn’t just stop with testing. A telling comment below the piece reads: “The HPV vaccine is available for men? I consider myself fairly well-informed and educated, and I had utterly no idea this was the case.” The Gardasil vaccine has been available to men for years, but Merck figures there isn’t much of a percentage in hawking it to men. And they aren’t wrong. 

But you know where you, yes you, the average male reader, can get all these services and more? Planned Parenthood.

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