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Movies: Skyfall and Cloud Atlas

My reviews over at Broad Street Review. You should definitely watch  Skyfall (unless you don’t like James Bond movies). I can’t exactly recommend Cloud Atlas, but I enjoyed watching it. I’m sure the book is better and can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Philly still needs paid sick leave

I wrote this piece for the Inquirer in the September of 2010, at the beginning of the fight for universal earned sick leave for all the cities’ workers. (A nationally-tweaked version can be found at HuffPo, the Inky version has … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming for Philly’s Most Vulnerable

I highly, highly recommend Daniel Denvir’s recent City Paper piece on the human costs of Act 80, the safety net-slashing law that Governor Tom Corbett signed over the summer. It is being challenged in court by Community Legal Services of … Continue reading

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Dead laws for dead men

I’ve been writing op-eds for the Philadelphia Inquirer since June, 2010 (six months after I moved to the Quaker City). Unfortunately, the venerable publication’s website––used to be pretty terrible. (Recent changes have improved things.) The first couple op-eds I wrote … Continue reading

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Awful Managment To Blame For Hostess’ Failure (UPDATE)

I turned around a post for Salon yesterday on the Hostess debacle, which contrary to the title that got attached to this piece, seems less an instance of vulture capitalism (or union screw ups) than of a Hostess’ management, and … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Breeds Comic Books

Last Sunday the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an essay of mine on Locust Moon Comics, our local shop, and their publishing success story: Once Upon A Time Machine, a collection fairy tales reinterpreted through a science fiction lens. I had a lot … Continue reading

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Orwell on Dickens

“If you were rich, for instance, you would have a great power of doing good to others.” – John Rokesmith, Our Mutual Friend In 1940 George Orwell wrote a superb 50+ page essay on Charles Dickens, an author he clearly cared … Continue reading

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How cities can fight economic inequality

My latest for Next American City is basically a list of six policies city governments can enact to combat economic inequality and the low-wage economy that so many urban residents labor within. Occupy Philadelphia’s choice to set up camp in front of … Continue reading

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What lack of access to abortion looks like

Cross-posted from Keystone Politics.  Last week I received my copy of Tomorrow Magazine, the product of the excellent editorial team that GOOD laid off en masse at the beginning of the summer. (You should buy a copy of Tomorrow: It’s real pretty.) The magazine is crammed with interesting articles and fun features, from zombie … Continue reading

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America the Segregated

Cross posted from Keystone Politics.  If you read one long form web article this week make it ProPublica’s authoritative piece, by Nikole Hannah-Jones, onsegregation in America and the unfulfilled promise of the Fair Housing Act. The article is packed with revealing facts … Continue reading

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