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P.G. Wodehouse in India

I remember hearing, at some point, that P.G. Wodehouse is quite popular in India. So, it being Boxing Day and all, I Googled the appropriate terms and the right sort of article began popping up. First, a slight NPR piece … Continue reading

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Consider the Bee (Or, Actually, Don’t)

I recently stumbled across this wonderful letter to the New York Times, written in the October of 1865, taking a strong line against anti-loitering laws. It’s quite funny and, I think, the correct inclination. Arresting people for hanging out is … Continue reading

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The Curio Theater Does Tom Stoppard

The Curio Theater, on Baltimore and 48th Street in West Philadelphia, is my neighborhood theater. I’ve only seen two plays there, both of them by Tom Stoppard. If you have the time, and the inclination, I’d recommend The Real Inspector … Continue reading

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Killing Them Softly Makes Criminality Look Awful

My review of Killing Them Softly, a movie I don’t necessarily recommend you see because its so grim), can be found here. A significant portion of the review got clipped, including all of the below. (Also, read the book it … Continue reading

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Trolleys: West Philly’s Got ‘Em

I’m continuing my quest to re-post my Inquirer op-eds, which have the nasty habit of vanishing into the ether if left to their own devices (and to One of my favorite things about living in West Philly are the … Continue reading

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J.R.R. Tolkien: Worst Professor Ever?

As the release of the first Hobbit film nears, I recall that as a youthful Tolkien enthusiast I often imagined the intellectual joys of attending one of the great man’s lectures at Oxford. Ah, bliss! Or not. According to Kingsley … Continue reading

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SEIU organizes 2,500 Philly security guards, Penn’s outdoor force still without contract

From today’s Philly Inquirer: 2,500 Philly security guards unionized under Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and ratified their first contract today. The contract brings wage increases and health benefits to guards at the Gallery, the University of Pennsylvania, the Convention … Continue reading

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Eds and Meds and the Future of Health Care Reform

Next American City just published a long piece I wrote on strategies to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs in poor urban areas–Trenton, New Jersey specifically–and why it will be so much harder to bring similar models to the rest … Continue reading

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Bookstores Now, Bookstores Forever

I’m a book addict and I vastly prefer obtaining my drug of choice at bricks and mortar establishments for all the usual reasons. I enjoy losing myself for an hour or two while idly browsing through the shelves, an activity … Continue reading

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James Bond Turns Against America

I’ve been reading some of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels in preparation for, and celebration of, the release of the super spy’s latest cinematic outing. The new Daniel Craig film, Skyfall, is excellent. The same cannot be said of Fleming’s … Continue reading

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