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You’d never catch a high level Democrat saying this now

I was flipping through William Saletan’s 2004 Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War and I found a very telling quote from a 2003 Vogue interview with John Kerry, who attested that the Democrats lost the 2002 Massachusetts governor’s … Continue reading

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In the future, cars will drive you

The 1980s shock comedian Sam Kinison had a bit about drunk driving, a defense of-sorts, that went something like “But how are you going to get your car home?”  (He was later killed by a drunk driver after he himself … Continue reading

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Don’t Depend on Manufacturing Jobs

In my latest post for Next City I’ve reviewed a few policies to encourage manufacturing development. But while manufacturing in America does seem to be experiencing a resurgence, that doesn’t mean manufacturing jobs are. Bruce Springsteen is right: Those jobs … Continue reading

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In Which I’m Finally Paid To Write About P.G. Wodehouse

Well, its finally happened. I’ve been reading P.G. Wodehouse for well over a decade now and I’ve loved his work since I first cracked open The Code of the Woosters. I’ve been proselytizing for his cause for just as long, … Continue reading

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Murder in Urban America

I’ve just started a regular gig blogging for Next City (formerly Next American City). Nothing major, just a couple posts a month, but I’m excited to have a regular outlet. My first post went up yesterday, and it is about … Continue reading

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Obit for Sam Mickey

Over the holidays, City Paper published a very short obituary I wrote for Samantha Mickey, the woman behind the stellar Sam’s Morning Glory Diner in Bella Vista. You should really check it out, particularly if you can go during the … Continue reading

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The left wing of the possible

In early December, I interviewed Bhaskar Sunkara, the founding editor of Jacobin magazine, about the Marxist magazine which he founded in 2010 at the age of 21.  (I meant to post this last month, but what with [insert holiday excuses … Continue reading

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