About Me

I’m a freelance reporter, researcher, and editor based in Philadelphia, aka the best city in the northeast corridor (you heard me, New York).

Areas of focus include labor (organized and otherwise), sex and reproductive health, less attention-grabbing public health issues, books nerdery, and urban issues of every conceivable kind. I contribute regularly to AlterNet, the Philadelphia City Paper, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and have made consistent guest appearances in the pages of The American Prospect, The Stranger, Jacobin, Slate, and GOOD. For a sampling of my work, see the other pages on this website.

I’ve also worked for Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, Princeton professor Julian Zelizer, labor consultant Amy Dean, and as a staff researcher with The Cry Wolf Project. I most recently worked as a research assistant to the CEO of Solutions for Progress, a Philadelphia company that assists low-to-moderate income people access public assistance and tax credits.

You should probably hire me to churn out snappy prose for you. Or at least follow me on Twitter.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. wpgacademy says:

    You can also hire Mr. Blumgart as a professional OKCupid profile writer. Its a 2 days and a date guarantee.

  2. Hey, really liked your article on Slate.com, as it was well-written and thoughtful. One of my favorite writers/journalists, Neil Steinberg, wrote a book called Drunkard that you would be well off to read (anyone would :-D). It’s funny how a person can not have alcoholic tendencies one day, and a couple of months later have their relationship with alcohol forever changed. I think our anti-spiritual (in a good way), materialist society creates a lot of “performance anxiety”, which the wine/spirits industry has tapped into at great profit. I guess we could consider it the tobacco of our age.

    In any event, I look forward to following your articles going forth…

  3. scott madden says:

    Hey Jake, Happy to see that your writing career is flourishing! I am looking for a wonderful former
    Nora student to write and speak at our graduation on June 11th, 2013 at the AFI in Silver Spring. You would receive huge heaps of praise and a check for $500 dollars from Mara to help your career. Any interest? Scott

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