About Me

I’m a freelance reporter, researcher, and editor based in Philadelphia.

Areas of focus include housing, transit, labor, and urban issues of every conceivable kind. I am a contributing writer with Next City and have a weekly column with the Philadelphia Inquirer (“Jawnts”). I make consistent guest appearances in the pages of The American Prospect, Flying Kite, In These Times, Slate, and Al Jazeera America. For a sampling of my work, see the other pages on this website.

I’ve also worked for Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, Princeton professor Julian Zelizer, Chicago consultant Amy Dean, and as a staff researcher with The Cry Wolf Project.

Contact me on Twitter or email: jake.blumgart5[at]gmail.com

7 Responses to About Me

  1. wpgacademy says:

    You can also hire Mr. Blumgart as a professional OKCupid profile writer. Its a 2 days and a date guarantee.

  2. Hey, really liked your article on Slate.com, as it was well-written and thoughtful. One of my favorite writers/journalists, Neil Steinberg, wrote a book called Drunkard that you would be well off to read (anyone would :-D). It’s funny how a person can not have alcoholic tendencies one day, and a couple of months later have their relationship with alcohol forever changed. I think our anti-spiritual (in a good way), materialist society creates a lot of “performance anxiety”, which the wine/spirits industry has tapped into at great profit. I guess we could consider it the tobacco of our age.

    In any event, I look forward to following your articles going forth…

  3. scott madden says:

    Hey Jake, Happy to see that your writing career is flourishing! I am looking for a wonderful former
    Nora student to write and speak at our graduation on June 11th, 2013 at the AFI in Silver Spring. You would receive huge heaps of praise and a check for $500 dollars from Mara to help your career. Any interest? Scott

  4. Jake, I’m having trouble finding an email address for you. Want to write a freelance story about some of the planning and economic issues surrounding casinos for Planning magazine, http://www.planning.org/planning? I see you know the topic: http://www.psmag.com/navigation/business-economics/atlantic-city-las-vegas-opening-casino-terrible-idea-85025/

    Meghan Stromberg, executive editor

  5. Dan Buskirk says:

    Enjoyed your appearance on Doug Henwood’s show.

  6. no email so I drop you a note here: interested by an article about a new baby union on the Microsoft’s campus?
    visit http://theothermicrosoft.com and contact me

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