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The must see play of Philly’s holiday season…

…is over four hundred years old. In the right hands, Shakespeare can still bring it. Twelfth Night will be playing at Pig Iron until the 22nd. You should go see it. From my piece in the Inky (Jawnts-endorsed), linked above, … Continue reading

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Fight Hunger in South Jersey, Rock Out

On November 1 Congress cut food stamps, and just in time for Thanksgiving. As Ned Resnikoff wrote in his essential MSNBC piece on “America’s New Hunger Crisis”: In the aftermath of that collapse, as employment stagnated and poverty increased, food … Continue reading

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TONIGHT: Go See Aftermath

The International House is playing the Polish movie Aftermath tonight (as I noted in yesterday‘s  Inquirer). You should go see it, as its probably not going to get a wider release. Check out this article for a taste of the … Continue reading

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The Unfunding of Philly’s Public Transit

I recently wrote a piece for Pacific Standard on the never ending rail v. bus debate. As I wrote the article I ended up being overwhelmed by how pointless the conversation seemed in the shadow of the austerity pressures that … Continue reading

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All Elmore, All the Time

I started seriously reading Elmore Leonard books this summer and proceeded to blow through- en of the 20+ novels he wrote since Glitz (1985), which my dad recommended to me because of my interest in all things Atlantic City. I’m … Continue reading

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Here’s What You Should Do This Weekend: CITYWIDE Edition

As I noted in this week’s Sunday Inquirer, Philly’s artist collectives are getting together for a big weeks long series of exhibitions. The space I personally inspected, on 41st and Haverford, was a breathtakingly huge warehouse transformed into a space … Continue reading

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Your Boss Can Totally Fire You For Being Physically Irresistible

Another entry in my quest to post the articles I published over the summer while my blog lay fallow. You’ll probably recall seeing the headlines about this story–the dentist who fired his assistant because he was afraid he might try … Continue reading

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The Days of Scrapple and Free Coffee Refills

Last year the bar across my apartment burned down (photo courtesy of Monica Fanya). It was a harsh blow to the neighborhood: Elena’s not only provided a cheap and convenient bar and restaurant space, but a late night safe haven. … Continue reading

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Photos From the Decline of Public Education in Philadelphia

You should go see the Philadelphia School Closings Photo Collective’s work at the Scribe Video Center, 4212 Chestnut St., third floor. The opening was last week, but the pictures themselves will be up until January. They are a testament to … Continue reading

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“While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping…”

Also in last Sunday’s Inquirer, my piece on Edgar Allan Poe (a necessity for October). Upon re-reading a bunch of his short stories for the piece, I found there was more to criticize than I recalled from my teenage perusing. … Continue reading

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